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What is ISSB? Let’s uncover it. ISSB stands for Inter Service Selection Board. This board selects future officers for the Armed forces of Pakistan Such as Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF.

The selection procedure of Inter Service Selection Board is called to be 3-dimensional because three instructor (Psychologist, GTO, Deputy Superintendent) on the basis of candidate performance determine whether a person is fit for Pakistan Armed Forces. The ISSB result is based on three states such recommended, not recommended and duffer.

How To Apply For ISSB?

You cannot apply directly for ISSB, because first you have to clear the initial test. The initial test is taken at the Armed forces’ selection centers.

It is mandatory for every candidate to first clear the initial test, then their selection center send their data to ISSB centers for further tests. Then these candidates will receive ISSB call letter for the test. These centers are located in Kohat, Karachi, Gujarawanla and Quetta.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is based on five days, famously known as ISSB schedule. In these five days to have to stay in the specific test center. During your stay you have to go through different test. Psychologist, GTO, Deputy Superintendent took different tests.

Psychologist Tests

  • Picture story writing
  • Word Association Test
  • Psychologist Interview
  • Sentence completion

Outdoor Tests

  • Discussion Task
  • Military Planing Task
  • Command Task
  • Half Progressive Task
  • GTO Interview

Deputy Superintendent

  • Interview

Psychologist tests checked the personality and emotional stability of a candidate. On the other hand, outdoor tests find out the leadership and communication skill of a candidate among its teammates. Another famous things about Inter Service Selection Board is weird questions. These questions are so much annoying and or unethical that some candidates hesitate to answer them.

ISSB Test Preparation

Inter Service Selection Board officially not allowed test preparation. They required appearing with a genuine personality. However, this is a very hot topic, you should choose a ISSB academy for test preparation or not. If in the test they find out that you have trained by any academy or coaching centre, then you will not recommend by ISSB.

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