Solved ISSB Picture Story Writing With Useful Tricks

by Pakistan Armed Forces

In ISSB picture story writing candidates have to write stories on multiple pictures. A total of 4 pictures shown to you one-by-one on the screen. The pictures appear on the screen are in white and black color only. The maximum time limit for writing a story is 3.5 minutes. Additional time of 30 seconds to think about the picture subject is also given to the candidates.

After 30 seconds + 3.5 minutes, the picture will disappear and a new picture will be shown. If we calculate, then a total of 4 minutes are to write a single story. This process will repeat and the same for all the stories. Picture Story writing is the part of different ISSB Psychological testsISSB Picture story writing is on number three after ISSB WAT and ISSB sentence compilation test

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After seeing the picture, what idea came into your mind, start writing it. Psychologist used written picture stories to analyze the responsible, problem tackling, and productive sense of a candidate.  You must know that there is a difference between story writing and narration of the incident. Mostly candidate write story in a very stupid and uncreative way.

Repeated ISSB Picture Stories That You Should Practice

These picture stories are up-to-date and repeated in ISSB test, these are:

Tricks To Write ISSB Picture Story?

  • Always end your story on a moral work that is done by you.
  • Always write that you help people, not you’re helped by people.
  • Carefully note face expression, number of people, and given conditions.
  • Try to write a short and relatable story of approximately 12 lines.
  • Try to think about what is the best things you can in that situation. This shows co-operation and your initiative.
  • Try to write your own ideas and do not copy other people’s ideas. The biggest mistake that people usually do that they start memorizing a picture story which is the biggest mistake.


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