How To Write ISSB Merit & Demerits?

by Pakistan Armed Forces
Today we are to talk bout your ISSB merit and demerits. It is a psychological assessment in ISSB in which you have to write your merits and demerit. It is said that you have to write 5 merits and five demerits.  Likewise, it is believed that if you write more merits or demerits it would be more difficult in the ISSB Psychologist interview.
So what type of merits and demerits you should write in ISSB to become a complete picture of the required personality. This personality you have to show in other ISSB tests. Here are some common merits that ISSB recommended candidate mentioned.

How To Write Merits In ISSB

While writing merits, do not choose to write a paragraph. Make them short and Simple. You can use this template while writing your merits while filling your ISSB interview form.

1. Hardworking

This should be found in every candidate. Every organization that seeks such a candidate must be hardworking.

2. Cooperative

It is the most needed quality in armed forces. You should write it in your ISSB merits and demerits.

3. Honest

Being honest in your answers in ISSB psychological interview. For example, if you are questioned that you tell a lie. Answered yes. It if you tell a lie anytime or anywhere. The main purpose is, to be honest.

4. Punctual

In the ISSB test, this is most seeking quality. You have to be punctual in your work, and wording.

5. Committed

It means that you are focused on. You do what you planned.

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How To Write Demerits In ISSB

You have to write demerits in such a way that it does not create your negative.

1. Weak in General Knowledge

General knowledge is like a vast ocean. No one claims to cover all type of general knowledge. It is going to also help in your interview if you are not answered any Gk questions

2. Bad Handwriting

Handwriting is another issue and does not create any negative effect on your personality. This can be improved by practicing. Select Urdu or English

3. Fast Driving

This should be a demerit that almost every person has. It somehow creates a negative effect on your personality but that much. It shows you are careless. So, if you are going to write this demerit then do not write that you are caring in your merits.

You have to show all of your merits and demerits in your ISSB Psychologist and GTO Tests. Every man got his weakness also. Humans are not angels. Try to explore your merit and demerits. Do not contradict your personality. It is not suitable to write your demerits more than merits.

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