Is Number of Obstacles Matter In ISSB?

by Pakistan Armed Forces

ISSB individual obstacles consists of 9 different Obstacles. All obstacles have different marks. Individual obstacles task is taken by GTO. The time limit for the completion of obstacles is two minutes. You can also repeat any obstacle after completing 9 obstacles.

Is Number of Obstacles Matter In ISSB?

It is also seen that a person who did 5 obstacles recommend as compare to a candidate who did 9 obstacles. They want to check your physical activeness, stamina, and courage. Also, obstacles give you an advantage in ISSB grading, which is helpful in the final merit list after the recommendation.

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Individual Obstacles ISSB List With Marks

 Individual Obstacle   Marks 
 Hanging Tyre  2 marks
 Hanging Bridge  3 marks
 Ditch Crossing   4 marks
 Zig Zag   4 marks
 Ring  5 marks
 Tarzan Swing  6 marks
 Monkey Bridge  7 marks
 Rope  11 marks


Tarzan Swing


Hanging Log


Zig Zag



Ditch Crossing


ISSB Individual Obstacles


Monkey Bridge


High Jump

Obstacles For Females

There are only 6 obstacles except Rope Climbing, Monkey Bridge & Tarzan Swing for females candidates in ISSB.

How To Do

  • Never start from a rope. It totally wastes your time if you haven’t practiced it.
  • If you fall, stand up and continue, show your courage (remember GTO always see you).
  • Start from the easiest one i.e. ditch crossing, tire, high jump, zigzag, multi up-down.
  • Try to cross the hanging bridge in one jump (with the right foot), otherwise, you’ll be unbalanced and fall.
  • If you failed to do any obstacle, try it one more time if you didn’t cross it again skip it, but must try it, at least one more time.
  • Build your stamina by running the main problem candidates lose their stamina while running.
  • Remember how many obstacles you did.
  • If someone falls, don’t be a laugh, motivate him/her to do the obstacles.
  • Don’t make any bad gestures, expressions, and laughing at others. GTO not only observing obstacles but also those who are waiting for their turn through his black shining and glasses.

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