ISSB Command Task From Blah Into Fantastic

by Pakistan Armed Forces

ISSB Command Task is the another most important task just after the ISSB group discussion. Group Testing Officer (GTO) ask candidates, who want to be a leader. As normal, everyone raise their hands to be the first one.  But GTO will select one person, mostly he chose the person whom he thinks did best in the discussion task. It doesn’t affect others’ selection, but it gives you a rare idea about your performance.

Tricky Part

GTO starts a formal discussion with the selected candidate (Commander). But, in reality, it is not a formal discussion, this is the assessment in which he becomes so friendly. GTO will tries to explore you. Be careful in answering.


Group Testing Officer (GTO) gives you a briefing, told you about the time, inbound, outbound areas marked red, what is outbound for you but inbound for your items, etc. Also, item you can use like rope and drum etc.

Tips For ISSB Command Task

  • Take the most valuable position (i.e. center).
  • You should be the last person to cross the ending line. (Only for commander)
  • Chose strong boys for lifting thing and tall for jumping. 
  • Preferred your team instead of items.
  • When GTO unbound areas, lift your teammate and take them toward the ending line, never cross the ending line, because you don’t let your team in danger, try it again if there’s someone left.
  • Don’t call any group member by name or Oye etc. Call him with his chest name.


You can’t complete the task within the time limit. They just want to check your abilities. Cross the troublemaker guys first. Listen to GTO carefully with full attention. Clear your doubts, if any, by questioning. After the task completion you have to put back rope, drum and other things in the same position as they were before the task. 

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Share your plan and ask if there’s anything we add to it. Take valuable advices, otherwise reject them. Participate fully in a group task. Don’t be over smart and shown off. GTO will observe everything. If you make any foul, don’t hesitate to mark it. Sometime, the Group Testing Officer will ignore the foul, just to check your honesty.

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