14 Leadership Qualities of ISSB That You Should Have

by Pakistan Armed Forces

ISSB recommendation is based on 14 Leadership Qualities of ISSB. Inter Services Selection Board seek different 14 qualities in a candidate. ISSB is a three-dimensional test. It means you have to pass three different types of tests to get recommendation.

14 Leadership Qualities Of ISSB

ISSB psychological tests, Outdoor tasks, and interviews are designed in a way to find these 14 qualities in a candidate. Remember the fact that, only a few people have 10+ qualities out of the given 14 qualities. But the good thing is that you can groom your personality to adopt these 14 qualities of ISSB.

1. Honesty

Honesty is the most seeking quality in the ISSB test. Speak the truth and be natural while answering.  You must have a logical reason for your all messes. In a video, Ashir Azeem (Ex PAF Cadet & Ex Bureaucrat) told that In Armed Forces an officer never lies. If he, he does not have any credibility.  In PMA Long Course physical test, a Major from Army Selection Center Multan told us that “ Army can accept a candidate with low marks, but It does not accept a candidate with low character. Just take an estimate, how much it is an important quality.

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2. Punctuality

If a person is not punctual, then definable, he will not do time management. Punctuality does not only apply just on time management. It also associates with how well you manage your personality.

3. Team Player

If you are co-operative, then you are a good team player. The reason to put different candidates (who are unknown to each other) in Outdoor tasks is to find out how much a candidate is co-operative & how well he communicates with his team.

4. Responsible

If you take responsibility, you should fulfill it at any cost. You should be a word keeper. Because in Armed Forces your words are everything.  

5. Confidence

Confidence is mostly taken wrong. It’s not only attached with your speaking. Strong body language and proper eye contact is a sign of confidence. Just take care of one thing that, don’t become overconfident. Know when to speak and when to act. Overconfidence leads you toward stupidity and ultimately toward ISSB, not a recommendation. Confidence emerges all your qualities.

6. Determination

Determination means you are focused on your goals. You never compromised on your goals.

7. Planning ability

How you approach things, everyone has a basic planning ability. In the ISSB command task, the planning ability of a candidate has checked. You can do practice improving your planning ability.

8. Courage

Without courage, you did not take initiative. It is a basic element of any person’s personality. Every person should have the courage to stop bad things and help others.

9. Emotional Stability

Without emotional stability, your actions are stupid. Delay your response to understand the matter. Emotional stability of a person most checked-in ISSB Psychologist Interview.

10. General Awareness

General Awareness can be like general knowledge. Without proper knowledge of things and your surroundings, you will never take good decisions. It helps you to make such a decision that helps everyone.

11. Logical Sense

It means how you define things. In ISSB Group Discussion Task, you are showing your logical approach towards things.  In ISSB Interviews mostly such questions are asked which is used to determine your logical approach.

12. Initiative

Imitative means the first step.  Some people have the sense of taking initiative, but they do not do it. The reason is the lake of courage. Sometime initiate brings challenges and these type of things are strongly observed in ISSB test.

13. Social relations

“Man Is a Social Animal”. In Inter Services Selection Board, these social relations define a person. Because when we communicate with others, we come to know about our original personality.

14. Physical Endurance

You can also, say it’s muscle power. ISSB Individual obstacles is designed to check the physical stamina of a candidate. In Actual, if you passed your initial physical test, you are qualifying it. Shaheed Pilot Rashid Minas (Nishan-E-Haider) have done 4 or 5 individual obstacles only in ISSB. Dont Worry if you won’t do any of these test. Your physically fitness must sync with your mental health.

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