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ISSB Word Association Test is taken on the second day of ISSB. It is popularly known as ISSB WAT. It consists of 100 words. Each word displayed for 10-12 seconds on the screen. You have to write a sentence on each word. ISSB Psychologist than use these sentences to analyses your personality. Sometimes, additional words are also added during ISSB WAT. You can download Word Association Test ISSB Solved PDF from the link at the end of the article. 

Below tips are given by different mentors and ISSB recommended candidates. I convert them into a long list. Before reading the tips you should know that time management is the main key in Word Association test. ISSB Psychologist does not check your grammar mistakes.

Tips For Word Association Test

  1. Relax: Word association tests are not designed to be difficult or stressful. Try to relax and approach the test with a clear and open mind.
  2. Respond quickly: The idea of a word association test is to capture your first, spontaneous reaction to a word. Therefore, it’s important to try to respond quickly, without overthinking your answer.
  3. Don’t worry about “correct” answers: There is no right or wrong way to respond to a word association test. The point is to capture your genuine associations with the words, so don’t worry about whether your responses are “correct” or “incorrect.”
  4. Be honest: It’s important to be honest when taking a word association test. Trying to manipulate the results or give “socially acceptable” responses will likely result in inaccurate results.

While Writing keep these things in mind

  1. Don’t miss or cut any word. Write neat and clear.
  2. Try to make a sentence on current affairs.
  3. Do not use any personal name too much, start writing with him, she, they, etc.
  4. Write social and progressive sentences.
  5. Never try to write memories words. This trick usually creates confusion. So, avoid it.
  6. Try to write positive and optimistic words because these words show positive and helping behavior.
  7. Never make any sentence against any institutions, including the armed forces of Pakistan.
  8. Practice more to avoid mistakes in ISSB WAT.
  9. Use quality base and moral words.
  10. Your response should represent a sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, straightforwardness, team spirit, courage, self-confidence, and cooperative spirit

ISSB Word Association Test Samples

  • Key: Hard work is the key to success.
  • Lie: I hate lies.
  • Army: Our army is brave.
  • Support: Support your team.
  • Help: Help the needy.
  • Life:  Struggle in life.
  • Justice: Justice is a sign of a healthy society.
  • Music: Music is good art.
  • Chase: Don’t Chase worldly things.
  • Character: He is a man of character.
  • Save: Save the energy
  • Sex: My sex is male.
  • School: My school is best.
  • Country: Without country we are nothing.
  • Girl: This girl is intelligent.
  • Crazy: Crazy people are creative.
  • Hope: Hope for the best.
  • War: War is not a solution.
  • System: We have to improve our educational system.
  • Bomb: Bomb is a deadly weapon.
  • TV: I watch the news daily on TV.
  • Happy: Make people happy.
  • Lead: Leader leads from the front.
  • Team: The Pakistan team won the match.
  • Man: He is a man of character.
  • Crazy: Crazy people are creative.
  • Pakistan: The land of pure people.
  • India: A neighborhood country.
  • Run: He runs very fast.
  • Fight: Fight for survival.
  • Pet: I have a beautiful cat.
  • Work: Work hard or die.
  • Fail: Learn from failure.

Overall, word association tests are a useful tool for assessing an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions to certain words or phrases. By understanding these associations, psychologists and other professionals can gain insight into an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning.

Download Word Association Test ISSB Solved PDF from this link. (link not active yet)

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