ISSB Interview Questions and Answers

by Pakistan Armed Forces

Inter services selection board (ISSB) is also famous for asking weird questions related to character, family & personnel affairs. The purpose of such questions not to hurt him mentally. In actuality, ISSB Psychologist & Deputy Superintendent trying to build pressure.  After building the pressure, they start asking random conditional questions which play an important role in your ISSB recommendation. 

ISSB Interview Questions and Answers

List of ISSB questions that were asked from different candidates:

  1. Meaning of your name?
  2. Father occupation?
  3. Total Father Salary?
  4. The famous thing about your city?
  5. Your Qualification & marks?
  6. Are you in a relationship?
  7. The number of girlfriends you have?
  8. Why do you want to join the army?
  9. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  10. Have you kissed/ had sex with him/her?
  11. Do you watch porn and masturbate or not?
  12. Do you lie?

5 Things To Remember While Answering

  1. Be natural & honest
  2. Maintain Eye Contact
  3. Sit in an alert position
  4. Don’t try to be overconfident & over smart.
  5. Answer Logically
ISSB Test Remember

Always remember there is no compromise on family, friends & country honor. There are a number of questions asked about your family & country. So you have to answer hard and be ready emotionally.

How To Answer Sex Related Questions In ISSB?

You should remain straight and answered NO.  Because on the behalf of such questions they are judging your character qualities. You should have clarity in your answers. Be strict with your answer & remain cool.

In sex-related questions 50% for your body language. 40% for your expressions and rest 10% to say NO.

How To Introduce Yourself In ISSB Interview

You can introduce yourself in this way (In English)

Asalam O Alikum! My name is Hassan Ali. I live in Lahore but originally from Islamabad. I am doing my bachelor from UCP Lahore. My father’s name is Ali Murtaza. He is currently serving in Pakistan Army as Brigadier. My hobby is blogging & I like to play Basketball as well.

You can introduce yourself in this way (In Urdu)

السلام علیکم! میرا نام حسن علی ہے۔ میں لاہور میں رہتا ہوں لیکن اصل میں اسلام آباد سے ہوں۔ میں یو سی پی لاہور سے بیچلر کر رہا ہوں۔ میرے والد کا نام علی مرتضیٰ ہے۔ وہ اس وقت پاکستان آرمی میں بریگیڈیئر کے طور پر خدمات انجام دے رہے ہیں۔ میرا شوق بلاگنگ ہے اور مجھے باسکٹ بال بھی کھیلنا پسند ہے

Change these details with yours.

ISSB Psychologist Interview Questions

These are some important questions asked by the psychologist in ISSB. These questions are also known as conditional questions. Read the blow questions:
  • What will you do If I gave you 1 million rupees?
  • Can you sex with girls to save your teammates?
  • Whats your reaction if someone irritating your sister?
  • What will you do if a stranger slap on your face?
  • Can you kill children if your commanding officer ordered you?
  • Suppose you become prime minister for one day what will you do?
  • If your parent asked you to leave the army what will you do?
  • I want to marry your sister?

In conditional questions 70% for your response.  20% for your expression and rest 10% for your body language.

GK Questions Asked In ISSB

  1. The biggest dam in Pakistan?
  2. Mention counties having borders with Pakistan
  3. Foreign ministers of Pakistan, Iran, India, America, China?
  4. Who is the Defense Minister of Pakistan?
  5. What is the GDP of Pakistan?
  6. What are the Seven wonders of the world?
  7. Name 5 Cities of Balochistan. Sindh, KPK, Punjab?

Mostly Asked Quick Math Questions

  1. 42 x 17
  2. 72 x 12 + 21 x 2
  3. (4 + 64) 56
  4. 60% of 380?
  5. 35% of 450?
  6. 22% of 90?
  7. 9+8/5=?
  8. 9-3*3/9=?
  9. If the plane is going with 60 km/hour Speed then in 20 Mint how much distance will it cover?
  10. What is 25% of 75?
  11. If your monthly income is 23000 then what will be your yearly income?
  12. The price of 1 dozen eggs is Rs. 24 then what will be the price of 30 eggs?
  13. Which is bigger 1/3 or 3/5?
  14. The speed of an aircraft is 180 km/h, how much the aircraft travel in 35 minutes?

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