ISSB Group Discussion Task

by Pakistan Armed Forces

ISSB Group Discussion Task is the first & most important test taken by the ISSB GTO.  It will  help you create a strong impression of your personality in front of Group Testing Officer (GTO). In this task, the 9-10 candidates sit in a circle. A random topic is given to these candidates for discussion. While discussing GTO notice candidates very kneel and write his reviews about them. 

ISSB Discussion Topics

The topic on which the majority of candidates are agreed, chosen is for discussion. In some cases, GTO will also select a topic of his choice. Everyone will speak one by one, clockwise sequence, repeated until 2 or 3 finalists are left.
This test is designed to check the behavior and self-confidence of ISSB candidates. Try to perform well in group discussion, so it will increase your chances to become the first leader in ISSB Command Task. Here are some super tips to perform well in ISSB group discussion. After the self-introduction, the discussion normally starts. 

Tips For ISSB Group Discussion

  1. Carefully listen to the GTO briefing.
  2. Try to understand the topic from its title.
  3. Describe its key points.
  4. Speaks confidently.
  5. Always go toward the most relevant & logical side.
  6. Support your opinion with examples & references from Quran & hadith.
  7. Try to speak until the end. (If you manage).
  8. Make eye contact with other candidates.
  9. Speak the truth.
  10. Never become angry or shy. 
  11. Never speak against Armed Forces and any other institution. 
  12. Always call candidates with their chest #(this identity is given by ISSB). 
  13. Your criticism/suggestions should be for correction and improvement. 
  14. Build your logic carefully.
  15. Provide a solution to the problem.

Things To Remember In This GTO Task

If you chose the wrong side, don’t hesitate to take the right side. Sometimes, GTO leaves the room just to check what will candidates do in his no presence.


But GTO is smart & clever, he leaves his radio to listen or see you from the window what you are doing in his absence. Mostly, topics title are totally negative. Don’t be misled by them & have your own point of view.

Important ISSB Group Discussion Topics

  1. Pakistan main cricket kese wapis aa sakti hai?
  2. Khwateen behtr organizers hain ya mard?
  3. Sex education honi chahye ya nahi?
  4. Mobile phone zaroorat hai ya majboori?
  5. Kya madaris dehshatgardi phelane me mulawis hain?
  6. Army operation sahi hain ya ghalat?
  7. Jamhooriyat behtr hai ya shariyat ka qanoon?
  8. Kia media thrilling news dene ki koshish karta hai?
  9. Co-education behtr hai ya nahi?
  10. Kia fauj operation kar k theek kr rhi hai?
  11. Pakistan ka adalti nizam theek hai ya nahi?
  12. Duniya bhar main dehshatgardi k zimedar musalmano ko kyun thehraya jata hai?
  13. 41. Kya school aur colleges main cellphone allow hona chahye?
  14. Kya nai technology se muashre main bigaar paida ho raha hai?
  15. Kya ghareeb banda aaj kal k dour main uper ja sakta hai?

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