ISSB Schedule (3D) | 5 Days Of ISSB Test

by Pakistan Armed Forces

ISSB schedule is the given below. In 5 days of ISSB, you have to go through different test. Each day and the test taken on that day is mentioned below:

Arrival Day:

  1. Form Fillings (including Essay + Incident Writing)
  2. Room Allotments
  3. Chest number allotted to candidates

1st Day:

  1. Mechanical Aptitude Test
  2. OPI Test ✓ mock test on computer (Intelligence+Every day Science Questions)[Experimental Basis]
  3. Remaining Psychological Tests
  4. Word Association Test (WAT)
  5. Sentence Completion Test
  6. Pointer Stories Writing
  7. Picture Stories Writing
  8. Merits & Demerits
  9. Situation Reaction Tests

2nd Day

Public Speaking By Deputy Superintendent and Psychologist.

GTO Tasks:

  1. ISSB Lecture Task
  2. ISSB Military Planning
  3. Progressive Group Tasks that (PGT)
  4. Half Group Task (HGT)
  5. Deputy Interview
  6. ISSB Psychologist Interview (Doubtful Candidates)

3rd Day

  1. GTO Tasks
  2. Command Task
  3. Individual Obstacles
  4. Deputy Interview
  5. Psychologist Interview
  6. (Doubtful Candidates) (Leftovers)

4th Day:

Departure Day

  1. Re Interviews (If Required)
  2. Re Obstacles (If Required)
  3. Re Command Tasks (If Required)

Note: Sequence of 2nd and 3rd Day May be reshuffled.

ISSB Schedule Live For Army, Navy & PAF

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