Pakistan Military Academy (PMA Kakul)

by Pakistan Armed Forces

Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is one of the most prestigious military academies in Asia. It was established in 1947 after the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. The academy is located in Kakul, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, about 120 kilometers north of Islamabad.

PMA Kakul is an institute where Pakistan Army trained It’s & friends country military officers. Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is the oldest and largest military academy of the Pakistan Armed Forces. After ISSB recommendation cadets have to go through training as per their course requirements. Below is the training duration of different commission courses of Pakistan Army.

History & Formation:

The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is the premier institution for training and producing officers for the Pakistan Army.  The curriculum at PMA comprises academic, military and physical training. The academic training includes courses in English, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Studies, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat.

PMA Kakul

Every day at the PMA Kakul is filled with intense training designed to turn cadets into the country’s future military leaders. The demanding curriculum includes classes on military history, weapons and tactics, as well as physical fitness and teamwork.

Battalions & Comapnies

For the sake of training, Cadets are organized in battalions and then further into companies. There are 16 companies in Pakistan Military Academy, all of them are named after famous Muslim warriors and commanders. These battalions contain (Quaid-I-Azam’s own) title as well.

1st Pakistan Battalion

1st Pakistan Battalion consists

  1. Khalid
  2. Tariq
  3. Qasim
  4. Salahuddin

2nd Pakistan Battalion

2nd Pakistan Battalion consists of:

  1. Ghaznavi
  2. Babar
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Tipu

3rd Pakistan Battalion

3rd Pakistan Battalion consists of:

  1. Haider
  2. Ubaida
  3. Saad
  4. Hamza

4th Pakistan Battalion

4th Pakistan Battalion consists of:

  1. Akram
  2. Karnal Sher Khan
  3. Aziz Bhatti
  4. Shabbir Sharif

Cadet Clubs & Co-curricular Activities 

The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) offers a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities for its cadets. These activities are not only a great way to stay fit and active, but also provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Some of the sports offered at the PMA include cricket, football, hockey, squash, tennis, and more. There are also a number of clubs and societies that cadets can join, such as the Photography Club, Debating Society, and mountaineering. It is mandatory for cadets to must join a club.

Indoor Clubs

  1. Science Club
  2. Computer Club
  3. Crafts Club
  4. Drama Club
  5. Debating Club
  6. Music Club
  7. Fine Arts Club
  8. Camera Club
  9. Graphics Club
  10. Literary Club

Outdoor Clubs

  1. Para Club
  2. Gliding Club
  3. Angling Club
  4. Hiking Club
  5. Riding Club
  6. Judo and Karate Club
  7. Health and Hygiene Club
  8. Frogman Club
  9. Rifle Club
  10. Shikar Club

PMA Kakul Courses & Their Duration

Course  Duration 
PMA Long Course 2 Years
Lady Cadet Course 1 Year
Graduate Course 1 Year
Technical Cadet Course  1 Year
Short Service Commission  1 Year
Medical Cadet Course 1 Year
Armed Forces Nursing Services  1 Year
Direct Short Service Commission  1 Year

PMA Long Course

PMA Long Course is a regular permanent commission course. The training duration is two years which is further divided into 6 terms. After completion of training cadets gets the rank of second lieutenant. In LC, cadets have to study 2 years BMAS (Bachelor of Military & Strategy) in PMA Kakul. Rest 2 years study they have to complete after commission.

Lady Cadet Course

Through Lady Cadet Course aka LCC, Pakistan army recruit females. Since the cadets are already graduates they have to only do 1 year military training at PMA Kakul. After training, they get the rank of Captain.

PMA Graduate Course

PMA Graduate Course is a regular commission just like the PMA LC. Pak Army graduate course is also known as fast commission course because after 2 years of BA/BSC or 4 years of BS & one year of training at Pakistan Military Academy you get the rank of Captain. On the contrary; in long course it takes quite a long time to get the rank of Captain. 

Technical Cadet Course

For the induction of engineers Pak Army announced Technical Cadet Course aka TCC. The training duration of TCC is one year at PMA Kakul. But cadets have to study 4 years engineering at NUST before getting into PMA for training. Cadets gets the rank of Captain after completion of training.

Medical Cadet Course

Army Medical Course is somehow similar with TCC. But through this course doctors are recruited in Pak Army. MCC cadets have to study ⅘ years of MBBS at Army Medical Colleges to get into Pakistan Military Academy for training. After completion of degree+ training cadets awarded by the rank of Captain. The educational requirement is FSC(pre-medical).

Passing Out & Commission

Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is the final stage of training for Pakistani Army officers. Upon completion of their training, newly commissioned Army officers receive their diplomas and are officially inducted into the Army. PMA graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants or Captains in the Pakistan Army and are posted to various units and formations of the army.

PMA Commandants

S.N Name Start of tenure End of tenure
1 Brig F.H.B Ingall, DSO 4 Nov 1947 31 Dec 1950
2 Brig. G.H Tarvar, DSO 7 Jun 1951 20 Feb 1953
3 Brig. G. Pigot, MC 21 Feb 1953 18 Nov 1955
4 Brig J. H Souter, MC 19 Nov 1955 7 Apr 1957
5 Maj Gen Shoukat Ali Shah 8 Apr 1957 2 May 1959
6 Brig Fazal Muqeem Khan, SQA 3 May 1959 17 Oct 1959
7 Brig Mohammad Rafi 18 oct 1959 29 Feb 1964
8 Brig Sultan Mohammad 30 Mar 1964 14 Nov 1966
9 Brig (Later Major General) A.O Mitha, SQA, TPk 15 Nov 1966 23 Nov 1968
10 Maj Gen Syed Abid Ali 6 Feb 1969 1 Dec 1969
11 Maj Gen Ijaz Ahmed, SK 2 Dec 1969 29 Apr 1970
12 Maj Gen Riaz Azim, TPk 30 Apr 1970 10 Feb 1972
13 Brig (Later Major General) Abdullah Saeed 11 Feb 1972 20 Nov 1974
14 Brig Zamir Ahmed Khan 21 Nov 1974 4 Jun 1976
15 Brig (Later Lieutenant General) Ahmad Kamal Khan 5 Jun 1976 15 Feb 1978
16 Brig (Later Lieutenant General) Imranuallah Khan 16 Feb 1978 11 Jul 1982
17 Maj Gen Rahat Latif 17 Jul 1982 4 Oct 1985
18 Maj Gen (Later General & Chief of Army Staff) Asif Nawaz 5 Oct 1985 14 May 1988
19 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Ghulam Muhammad Malik 15 May 1988 2 Jul 1990
20 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Lehrasab Khan, SJ 3 Jul 1990 17 April 1992
21 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Muhammad Maqbool 18 Apr 1992 1 Jul 1993
22 Maj Gen Malik Saleem Khan 19 Jul 1993 22 Aug 1995
23 Maj Gen Rizwan Qureshi 23 Aug 1995 22 Apr 1997
24 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Jamshed Gulzar 23 Apr 1997 22 Nov 1998
25 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Imtiaz Shaheen 3 Dec 1998 3 Mar 2000
26 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Shahid Hamid 3 Mar 2000 4 Nov 2001
27 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Hamid Rabnawaz 5 Nov 2001 14 Oct 2004
28 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Ahsan Azhar Hayat 1 Nov 2004 30 Apr 2006
29 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Nadeem Taj 1 May 2006 3 Oct 2007
30 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Zahid Hussain Khan 4 Oct 2007 12 Oct 2008
31 Maj Gen (Later General & Chief of Army Staff) Raheel Sharif 13 Oct 2008 14 Oct 2010
32 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Mazhar Jamil 15 Oct 2010 15 May 2012
33 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Sadiq Ali 16 May 2012 29 Jul 2013
34 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Nazir Ahmed Butt 30 Jul 2013 28 Oct 2014
35 Maj Gen (Now General & Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee) Nadeem Raza 29 Oct 2014 10 Dec 2016
35 Maj Gen (Later Lieutenant General) Abdullah Dogar 15 Dec 2016 Oct 2017
36 Maj Gen (Now Lieutenant General) Akhtar Nawaz Oct 2017 25 Nov 2019
37 Maj Gen (Now Lieutenant General) Muhammad Ali 25 Nov 2019 25 Nov 2020
38 Maj Gen Omer Ahmed Bokhari 25 Nov 2020 Till Date


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