Garrison Public Library Multan

by Pakistan Armed Forces

Garrison Public Library (GPL) is located in Multan Cantt. It is running under the supervision of the Pakistan Army. GPL Multan land is denoted by the Punjab Government and then it was built by Pak Army. Anyone having CNIC can visit the library without any resistance. Membership is mandatory when you want to use a computer or want to issue a book to study at home.

Garrison Public Library Multan is well decorated and has charming scenes. Library surrounded by beautiful green lands. More charm increase with beautiful building design and furniture.

The Library contains separate rooms for students, army officers, men, and women. It also contains the praying room, main hall, cinema, meeting area, exhibition hall, cafeteria and smoking area for chain smokers. Cinema is only for army officer and sometime open for common people on special occasions.

Things You Should Know

  1. Anyone can visit the library having a CNIC or B-form.
  2. Registration & Membership fee varies for students, teachers, and army wards (fee is low between 100- 300 per month).
  3. The library open between 9am-9pm and Monday is considered a holiday. All updates are posted on Facebook Page.
  4. Downloading on PC is prohibited.
  5. Every member gets a unique username and password to access the computers.
  6. Some services require membership like operating the computers, Books Issuing, Wi-Fi access, and special cabin’s.
  7. Rules are followed strictly. Only a member can use the computer. So any attempt would be useless.

Institutions are allowed to visit with their students, but permission should be taken from the Chief Librarian or concern authorities.

Funny fact is that never messes with the IT guy and never take ‘panga’ with their PC’s. Remember cameras watching you everywhere. They blocked mine and my friend membership card twice on this. There is one computer in GPL Multan which can be accessed with expired membership card. The staff is brilliant and cooperative. Even they blocked my membership card two times. I really appreciate that they respond quickly and help immediately.

Services For Library Members

They also offer free online drive (500 MB) to their members to save their files online. Which is according to my experience is useless because it is mostly stay offline & the security is not that much high that you can save any important file. You can also check which books have been issued, fee renewal dates, and read books online from their official website as well.
Almost every book is available. You should visit the library if you are living in Multan. I am the member of the library form past three years and I considered it a masterpiece for the people of South Punjab. 
Check and balances are very strict. Lift facility is also available only for old citizens. Prayer rooms also situated on the first floor. Free parking facility is available for everyone.


If you are not a member then do not bring the bags. GPL Multan only provide locker facilities to its members. There is a separate hall for TV and newspaper lounge. Wearing Chappal and trousers are not allowed & you can not make your entry in the library with them. 

For any query contact at their FB page. Article Written By A Library Member 

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