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Cadet colleges are residential educational institutions in Pakistan that offer a military-style program to prepare students for careers in the Pakistani Armed Forces. The curriculum at cadet colleges typically includes academic subjects, military training, and extracurricular activities. There are several cadet colleges in Pakistan, including:

Top 10 Cadet Colleges Of Pakistan

Military College Murree (MCM)

Military College Murree (MCM) is a military academy located in Murree, Pakistan. It was founded in 2008 and is designed to prepare students for careers in the Pakistani Armed Forces. The college has a capacity for 450 students in grades eight through twelve, and is known for its strong focus on academics and military training. The students at MCM are known as “Himalians,” and the college motto is “Character, Courage, and Commitment.”

MCM has a reputation as one of the top academic institutions in the country and has a strong track record of sending its students to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).

In addition to their academic and military training, the students at MCM also participate in extracurricular activities and have a history of achieving success in contests at the national level. Overall, the goal of MCM is to produce competent and daring leaders who are prepared for success in their careers and in life.

Military College Jhelum (MCJ)

Military College Jhelum (MCJ) is a military academy located in Jhelum, Pakistan. It was founded in 1922 by the Prince of Wales, Prince Edward VIII, and was originally known as the King George Royal Indian Military School (KGRIMS). The cadet college was initially a residential school for the sons of soldiers, but was later restructured as the King George Royal Indian Military College in 1943 to train potential officers for the army.

With the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the school was renamed as the Royal Pakistan Military College Jhelum, and in 1956 it was given its current name of Military College Jhelum.

MCJ has a long history of producing educated rank and file, as well as highly trained military officers. It offers a comprehensive program of academics, military training, and extracurricular activities for students from the eighth to twelfth grade. Admission to MCJ is competitive and based on factors such as academic performance and physical fitness. It is known for its strict code of conduct and high standards of personal discipline.

Cadet College Hasan Abdal

Cadet College Hasanabdal (CCH) is a military boarding school located in Hasanabdal, Pakistan. It was founded in 1952 and was the first of its kind in the country. The CCH follows the British tradition of education and was founded by Mr. Hugh Catchpole, a British educationist who had previously worked at the Rashtriya Indian Military College in India.

CCH has a capacity for around 600 students in grades eight through twelve, and the goal of the cadet college is to prepare students for success in the Pakistani Armed Forces, although students are free to pursue any career they choose. It is known for its strong focus on academics and its success in the Rawalpindi Board examinations and Cambridge University Examinations. In addition to academics, CCH also offers a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help students develop leadership skills and explore their talents.

The college has a strong has a history of producing brave and dedicated soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their country. Overall, Cadet College Hasanabdal is known for its commitment to excellence and its dedication to the development of well-rounded and confident young leaders.

Military College Sui Balochistan (MCSB

Military College Sui Balochistan (MCSB) is a military academy located in Sui, Balochistan, Pakistan. It was founded in 2011 by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani with the goal of providing quality education to students in the province of Balochistan and helping to eradicate illiteracy.

Despite facing significant challenges during its early years, Military College Sui has remained committed to its mission and continues to provide advanced education to its students.

The college aims to prepare students for success in the modern world by offering a range of academic and extracurricular programs designed to promote personal and professional growth. Overall, MCSB is dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential and become leaders in their chosen fields.

Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Garrison Cadet College Kohat is a military academy located in Kohat, Pakistan. The college occupies an 85-acre campus and has a capacity for 600 students in grades eight through twelve. The college has a range of facilities, including academic buildings, hostels, laboratories, a library, an administration building, and a mosque.

The college also has a dispensary with a doctor and two retired army medical officers to take care of the health needs of the students.

The college has multiple sports fields and hosts regular inter-house sports competitions throughout the year. The main goal of Garrison Cadet College Kohat is to provide high-quality education to its students and help them develop their personal qualities, intellectual abilities, leadership skills, and moral character. The college also emphasizes physical fitness and aims to prepare students to become successful and responsible citizens of Pakistan.

PAF College Sargodha

PAF College Sargodha was established in 1952. It was founded by AST (Air Service Training Limited) South Hampton, United Kingdom and started functioning in February 1953. The PAF College was created to provide basic education and character training for boys from ages 11 to 17 years, with a slight focus on vocational needs.
The college was open to students interested in joining the Pakistan Air Force, Navy, or other civil services. PAF College Sargodha was initially run by British staff, but the goal was to eventually replace them with Pakistani staff.
English is the primary language of instruction at the cadet college, but Urdu is also taught. The curriculum allows students to take matriculation exams at the end of the third year and Cambridge Local examination syndicate exams at the end of the fourth year.

Cadet College Petaro

Cadet College Petaro was established in 1957 and later moved to its current location in Petaro in 1959. It provides education for students in grades 7-12, as well as preparatory courses for the Cambridge International Examinations.

The college’s mission is to provide quality education and training that helps students develop strong character, leadership skills, and a sense of patriotism.

The college has a variety of facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, a library, a sports complex, a mosque, and a commercial center. It also has its own electricity and water departments, as well as a post office and a bank with an ATM. The college has a strong academic program and has achieved high levels of success in national exams. It also offers a range of extracurricular activities and sports programs.

Cadet College Fateh Jang

Cadet College Fateh Jang  was founded by the late Professor Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed Sipra, a former principal of Bahria College in Islamabad. The college is located on the Islamabad Fateh Jang Civil Hospital Road, near the power plant in Bhal Syedan, Fateh Jang.

It covers an area of 200 acres and offers a range of facilities for its students, including academic blocks, hostel houses, an auditorium, a cadet mess, an indoor sports complex, science laboratories, a computer laboratory, a library, and a mosque.

The college provides education for students from class 7 to class 12, as well as Cambridge A Level courses.  It aims to not only provide a strong academic foundation for its students, but also to instill discipline and leadership skills in them through a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The college has a rigorous examination system to encourage creativity, analytical thinking, and the necessary intelligence and speed to prepare students for future tests and exams. The college’s mission is to produce the leaders of the 21st century.

Girls’ Cadet College Mardan

Girls’ Cadet College Mardan, located in the city of Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, is a unique institution that aims to provide quality education and character building to young women.

The college is situated in the historic region of Takht-i-Bahi, known for its rich cultural heritage and history as a center of learning for Buddhist monks and students from around the world.

The location of the college in this region adds to its significance and prestige, as it continues the legacy of education and knowledge in the area. The college is backed by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and aims to be a feeder institution for both the Armed Forces and Civil Services. Girls Cadet College Mardan is the best cadet college for girls in Pakistan. It is dedicated to empowering young women and helping them achieve their full potential.

Cadet College Larkana

The Cadet College Larkana is located in the city of Larkana, Pakistan, about 3 kilometers from the ancient site of Mohenjo-daro and 24 kilometers from Larkana town.

It is close to Mohenjo-daro airport and railway station, and is situated in a peaceful environment that is conducive to learning. The college was originally planned in 1975, but due to political issues, it was not built until 1988.

It officially opened in 1994 and is run by a Captain or Major from the Pakistani Army, who is responsible for extracurricular activities, discipline, and career counseling for the students. The college aims to prepare its students for careers in the military or other professions.

List of Goverment Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

  • Cadet College Rawalpindi
  • Cadet College Lahore
  • Cadet College Pasrur
  • Cadet College Khushab
  • Cadet College Okara
  • Cadet College Jhang
  • Cadet College Khanpur
  • Cadet College Esa Khel, Mianwali
  • LCIC Cadet College Kasur
  • Cadet College Chakwal for Boys
  • Cadet College Chakwal for Girls
  • Cadet College Chilas
  • Cadet College Swat
  • Cadet College Karnal Sher Khan, Swabi
  • Manjanbazam Cadet Colleges System
  • Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi
  • Cadet College Gadap Karachi
  • Cadet College Ghotki
  • Cadet College Larkana
  • Cadet College Pano Aqil
  • Cadet College Sanghar
  • Cadet College Spinkai
  • Cadet College Wana
  • Cadet College Jaffarabad
  • Cadet College Killa Saifullah
  • Cadet College Mastung
  • Frontier Scouts Cadet College Warsak
  • Cadet College Faisalabad
  • Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Sawabi
  • Cadet College Skardu
  • Rangers Cadet College Chakri
  • Cadet College Fort Munro
  • Cadet College Choa Saiden Shah
  • Cadet College Ormara
  • Cadet College Palandri
  • Cadet College Razmak
  • Cadet College Warsak
  • Cadet College Kallar Kahar
  • Manjaanbazam Cadet Colleges System Directorate
  • WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela

Cadet Colleges For Girls In Pakistan

  • Cadet College Jhang
  • Girls Cadet College Mardan
  • Bakhtawar Cadet College
  • Girls Cadet College Turbat Garrison
  • Cadet College Kohat
  • Cadet College Petaro
  • Cadet College Chakwal
  • Cadet College Kallar Kahar

Cadet Colleges In Karachi

These cadet colleges are located in Karachi:

  • Pakistan Steel Cadet College
  • Cadet College Gadap
  • Karachi Baqai Cadet College
  • The Hub Cadet College
  • Crescent Bahria Cadet College
  • Karachi Cadet School
  • Marine Cadet College

Difference Between Cadet College & Military College

Military colleges are run under the full administration of Pakistan armed forces (Army,Navy,PAF). However, cadet colleges are mostly run by retired army officers. Both of these are known as cadet colleges. But specifically, they are run differently.

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